Huacui Art Network provides you with free shipping delivery service.

Delivery Method
Please fill in the correct contact information of the province, city, district/county and other recipients during the order confirmation process to avoid the time of receipt of goods due to incorrect information.
After delivery, you can check the delivery status of the corresponding order in "My Account".

Delivery Area
Mainland China does not support Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries for the time being.

Delivery Time
Delivery from Monday to Saturday. In case of legal holidays or special circumstances, delivery time will be notified separately.

Acceptance and receipt of goods
1、Please be sure to check your order carefully when receiving the goods. After you confirm the integrity of your package, the type, quantity, quantity, and specifications of the goods, please sign your delivery note. Once you confirm the signature, we will not be able to handle the process of restocking or sending wrong goods for you.

2、If you find that the goods are damaged when they are accepted, the goods are short or wrong, and the quality of the goods is a problem, please point out and reject the goods on the spot to the delivery personnel, and indicate the rejection reason and signature on the waybill or express delivery order.
At the same time, please contact customer service promptly, and provide reasons for rejection, we will receive the goods and confirm the problem for you to carry out the refund of the amount of goods paid.