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Huacui Artist
Born in 1932 in Olafsvik, Iceland
Lives and works beetween France and Spain

- Erró, Hafnarhús Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
- Erró, Espace Jacques Villeglé, St Gratien, France
Aesthetics is the study of "beauty," and art is the skill of creating "beauty." "Art" is the best way to convey cultural understanding and identity to the world, while Chinese contemporary art is also constantly developing. Diversification opens up a very broad pattern for contemporary art. Huacui Art was founded in 1996 and is one of the earliest galleries in Shanghai in the early period of reform and opening up in the 20th century. It is located in the gallery of the Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Museum gallery located on the banks of the Suzhou River in the West Area of ​​Shanghai. Over the years, Huacui Art has successfully planned and organized various art exhibitions on multiple occasions. Huacui Art has also become a platform for high-end art exhibition and cultural exchange that has been recognized by the public. Huacui Art Pavilion has been open to the outside world for a long time. Covering art salons, theme parties, art fairs, art public welfare training and other forms, it aims to create a Hongqiao Riverside international art brand. Under the background of globalization, Huacui Art presents a rich and varied art form in China through the art exhibitions, academic exchanges and dialogues and other modes. It presents a diverse, open, inclusive and personalized contemporary art scene. In 2010, Huacui Art welcomed the Shanghai World Expo, planned and organized a large-scale theme oil painting exhibition "Shanghai, Memory of the City / 64 Never Broadening Street". Famous painters from the art circles of Shanghai and Hangzhou almost all participated in the creation of the work. This exhibition has won recognition from people from all walks of life. Huacui Art has become a platform for artistic exchange with social influence. As a platform for the dissemination of contemporary art and the promotion of traditional classic art, Huacui Art is committed to displaying all kinds of artworks from a professional perspective. It provides numerous outstanding artists with ways to display publicity and sales, and recommends numerous works of art to the society and People who like art. In recent years, Huacui Arts has relied on the development trend of international cities in Shanghai, the building of spiritual civilization and the promotion of humanistic art. Huacui Arts has continuously increased the number of art themes curated, further enhanced the quality of art exhibitions, and allowed more famous foreign artists to enter the CCI. exhibition. At the same time, using online and offline diversified display channels, it provides an online appreciation platform for people who like to paint but fail to visit the site, breaking the restrictions of geographical time, and realizing the internationalization of the city's development trend from multiple dimensions.