In order to ensure that art can be safely delivered to users, Huacui Art Network will ship the goods in the highest specifications.

After you place an order to purchase artworks, Huachuang Art Network staff will contact you within 2 hours to communicate with you about the following issues:
1 With your confirmation of the decoration of the artwork, since some artworks are decorated after they are sold, these artworks will take 5-6 working days to complete the decoration before they can be sent to you.
2 Confirm with you the time, place and packaging of the goods.

About ArtNet Shipping and Packaging

Artworks sold by Huacui Art Network are all high-quality artwork packages.
If the purchased artwork is used to gift relatives and friends for special packaging, please inform Hua Cui Art Network customer service representative. We will do our best to serve you.
Huacui Art Network's logistics services are fully commissioned by professional art logistics firm EES PFAFF Orient to provide transportation insurance for each piece of art to ensure that the transportation is completely secure.

Receipt Description
When you receive the artwork, ask the buyer or the recipient to work with the logistics staff to complete the following tasks:
1 Please cooperate with the logistics personnel to complete the photo confirmation. If no damage is found, please sign and sign on the logistics sheet.
2 Face to face inspection of the goods, check whether the artwork is consistent with the auction, whether the body of the art and the installation are damaged. If there is any damage, please contact customer service (400-605-7033) in time and discuss with Huacui Art Network.
You may ask the logistics personnel to return the goods if you encounter any problems in the above operations.

Different kinds of artwork packaging methods introduced
Prints, oil paintings, gouache: Works received by the artist from the artist's studio are delivered as they are, and some of the artists have been equipped with picture frames. The packaging will be protected by the artwork's professional logistics cartons and linings.
Chinese painting: Huacui Art Network has sold Chinese paintings without installation, and users can decorate it according to their own preferences. Chinese painting works will be transported in a thick drawing tube.
Sculpture/Installation: All Sculptures and Installation Artworks Huacui Art Network will entrust logistics companies to make wooden boxes and protect them for transportation. If you encounter assembly problems after receiving artwork, please contact Huacui Art Network customer service.