If you need an invoice, please fill out the relevant information in the order details page when placing an order:

1. The invoice header can be filled in with "individual" or company full name.

2. The contents of the invoice are the actual purchase details.

3. The invoice amount is the actual amount paid for the goods. It does not include the freight and discount amount.

4. We will issue a VAT invoice for you within one week after confirming that you have received the goods and no return request.

5. If you need to issue a special VAT invoice, you need to provide the following information:
1)Company name
2)Company tax number
3)Account bank and account number
4)Company address and telephone

6. The invoice will be sent to you by express delivery.

7. Once the invoice information is submitted, it will not be modified.

8. Once the invoice has been sent, it will not be modified or replaced.