1. Do not touch the artwork directly with your hand when collecting the calligraphy and painting. Wear gloves to prevent the painting from being contaminated by perspiration and fingernails. Enjoy direct sunlight while working on paintings. Open scrolls and scrolls should not be too hard. If there is a crease, spray some water on the back of the calligraphy to moisten it, then apply it on the glass to dry it or iron it with a low-temperature iron. The crease can be eliminated.

2. Care should be taken to prevent moisture, light, dust, and dust during storage. The library must maintain proper temperature and humidity. The intensity of light must also be controlled. It is best to store treasures in the shade and keep it in the shade. Do not lightly see the light.

3. If the pictures are soiled with dirt, ink, grease, etc., clean them. Under normal circumstances, just use a soft brush or brush to gently wipe off the unclean thing. If the stain is serious, it can be partially wet-cleaned. Use a cotton ball or a brush to remove some of the cleaning agent. Wipe the stain away. At any time, remove the liquid with a blotter. Finally, use a clean water to remove the remaining cleaning agent. Be careful when operating. So as not to damage the painting.

4. In order to prevent fungal infection, it can be disinfected. One method is to use fumigation with pesticides and insecticides, and the other is to sandwich mold-removing bactericide paper in paintings. The effect is also very good.

5. The pictures of the paintings may be inlaid with holes, cracks or incompleteness. The method is to stick a piece of repair paper with the texture and color similar to the old calligraphy to the embellishment, and the interface should be uniform. After drying, it should be smoothed with the pebbles so as not to show signs of repair. If there is still a contrast between the paper of the repair paper and the original calligraphy and painting, it can be painted with tea water or pigments to achieve a harmonious tone. In the end, the missing pens of the pictures were completed with the same pen and ink.